Customer Comments

Evelyn G.

“Donna Allison has taken care of our pets on many occasions when we were away. She managed our large, energetic, and unruly dog as well as our elderly, disabled dog who had special needs. She stayed overnight at our house so she could provide the frequent nursing care that our older dog needed. She also took care of our goats and chickens. Donna also has a special way with cats and our two kittens love for her to come. She plays with them and gives them belly rubs and lots of TLC. We never worry about the animals when we are away when Donna is caring for them. She calls to let us know that things are going well, and we know that she would do whatever they needed if an emergency arose. She is a very caring person who loves animals and intuitively understands their needs.”

Amanda P.

“Donna A. took care of our three cats and two dogs while we have been away on trips.
My cat, Brie, who is quite shy, came out and let Donna touch her the first time she came and let her pet her on subsequent visits. Donna fed our dogs and cats, and provided clean water each day. She also kept our cat litter box clean.

She gave our dogs medications by mouth when needed, and walked Swarley, our active border collie mix, at length. Dakota is our elderly boxer, who suffers from arthritis and hip dysplasia, and Donna was sensitive to her needs, letting her out when needed and cleaning up after both dogs.

Donna went the extra mile with our animals, in petting and playing with them, and reassuring them of our return, and making sure that our dog(s) got adequate daily exercise. I appreciated her taking the time to contact me each time after we returned to make sure that everything was as I expected it. She also was very flexible with her hours and visits, helping me out by coming for an extra visit when our return was delayed quite a bit.

I recommend her as a responsible, reliable, and caring pet sitter.
Please feel free to contact me if there is any other information I can provide.”

Matthew and Rachel H.

“Donna Allison has worked with our dog, Bella, for the past 14 months, providing her with play and exercise experiences while we were at work. Bella is an intelligent, active, social dog, and we wanted to make sure her needs were met, during times when we could not be at home.
Donna and Bella immediately developed a rapport, and Donna watched carefully when I explained how we had trained Bella, and followed my lead in not playing tug-of-war with her, and making sure Donna went out the door first, and Bella followed.
Donna has gone beyond the basics that we asked her to do with Bella, in taking Bella in her car to a variety of locations for walks, and to dog parks on a regular basis for play and contact with other dogs. Bella has needed regular vet visits for nail trims, and Donna has reminded us when she needed a clip and taken her to the vet for it. She has always made sure that Bella had lots of exercise, water, and an opportunity to meet her biological needs.

In addition, she has provided for a variety of creative play experiences with different toys, including “chase and bring back,” “find it,” and “hide-and-seek.” Bella is very happy and excited whenever Donna comes. Donna has trained Bella not to pull on the lead when walking, using a “let’s walk,” command and rewarding Bella when she maintained a loose leash when walking.
After some family changes, Bella was feeling low and not playing with her toys. After she started work with Donna, she became happier and started playing with her toys again, and has benefitted ever since.
We highly recommend her for pet sitting and dog walking. Please feel free to contact us if further information is needed.”

Alecia W.

“Donna Allison has been taking care of my elderly cat, Astra, since July of 2014
Astra needs a pill twice daily to manage her health issues. Donna has managed this medication administration skillfully, being patient with Astra and making her as comfortable as possible. She has also recommended some supplements to help with her health as she ages; she has used these with her own cats. She has made some suggestions to assist with Astra’s diet, as my cat’s appetite fluctuates. Donna spends time with Astra on each visit, petting her, encouraging her to eat, and playing with her when Astra shows an inclination. Donna is reliable and trustworthy. She follows my instructions exactly, on Astra’s care and other tasks that are needed around the house. I do have “peace of mind,” when I am away and taking care of Astra, because I know she will do it right. I give her my highest recommendation as a pet sitter.”

Bree C. July 31, 2018

“Donna Allison has worked with our Chihuahua, Oliver, for the past year on an as-needed basis. She has always been polite, courteous, and available to help. Donna always provided us with feedback about Oliver’s day which gave us peace of mind. We ran into her a few times in our building while she was visiting other clients and Oliver was always ecstatic to see her.
Our dog has some fears and especially since he is so little, he can get overwhelmed easily. Donna helped him overcome these fears by slowly and patiently introducing him to the person or situation that was making him feel anxious, or moving him away if the situation seemed overwhelming to him. He met children, adults and other dogs on their adventures together. Donna definitely has an intuitive sense with dogs, which makes her unusual and valuable as a pet sitter. Oliver loved his time with her and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a communicative, kind, sitter to care for their pet.”

Happy Dog at Home
Happy Dog at Home